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Innovative models

The status quo is no longer sustainable. That’s why we’re building innovations that can transform the way health care is delivered in Virginia and beyond.

As health care continues to evolve, we know a chief concern among Americans is the growing cost of health care and how state and federal reforms will impact both the cost of care and access to it. At the same time, a looming shortage of health care professionals demonstrates a desperate need to rethink how we provide primary care to patients in our country.

It’s time for change.

As an academic medical center with five professional health schools, VCU Health offers a perfect setting to examine and redesign the care delivery model. We want to be part of the solution, and we are willing to engage in the out-of-the-box thinking this requires.

The Office of Health Innovation serves as the nexus for innovation in health care at VCU, providing support and brain power for cutting-edge initiatives taking place throughout the university. Our office offers a wide variety of expertise, including data analysis, grant writing, policy analysis and more, to turn bright ideas into real programs with tangible results.

Partner with us

We’d like to help you bring your innovative idea to fruition. Contact us to start a relationship, learn more about what we do or share in our expertise.

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